For Dinner: Meatballs

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am just soooooo tired of the usual meat that we have for dinner. I love steak, but it is sooooo heavy. I love chicken and pork, but I kind of run out of new ways to eat it that doesn’t involve a lot of time in the kitchen… (lets face it, after a full day work, then gym, then walking the dogs, you really want something that is quick and easy to whip up!)

Meatballs #food #hooplahappiness

Jamie Oliver’s Meatballs

I have been in the mood for meatballs for ever!! So I decided that although it is not exactly a fast option, the change was worth the extra time… And it is so easy!

Meatballs #food #hooplahappiness

I followed the recipe almost to a tee. I did not have fresh nutmeg though, I just used ground nutmeg instead. I also used dried chilli powder instead of fresh chilli. Excuse my photos as I have a long way to go before my food photos will actually look good!!

Meatballs #food #hooplahappiness Meatballs #food #hooplahappiness Meatballs #food #hooplahappiness

I used parmesan instead of pecorino (because that is what we had!) and I did not use any marjoram (What is marjoram?)…

Meatballs #food #hooplahappiness

Can I just say…. It was DELICIOUS!!! Easy, quick(-ish) and superbly delicious!! I would definitely recommend you try this recipe!! The recipe says it serves 4, but we (me and my hubster) ate just the meatballs and only had like 4 meatballs left…. om-nom-nom!!! I can’t wait to make this again!! Click on the link below for the full recipe on Jamie’s website and…… happy eating!! 🙂

Jamie Oliver Meatballs

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2 thoughts on “For Dinner: Meatballs

  1. xandreverkes Post author

    Hi Shez! Thanks so much for your kind words!! Your friends must be busy, because this is such a great concept!! We had soooo much fun with it! I haven’t been checking my wordpress blog for quite a while now, how is your blogging coming along? I really should pop by there again soon! 🙂

  2. Shez Schildan


    Fun to run across your blog. I have one “friend” that has gone from first blog to full time professional travel blog. Nice job if it works well. You have the skills to do the same. Congratulations!

    My daughter-in-law and son own Vine Gogh in the Portland area. They have two studios, serve wine and beer, and do fabulous paintings. They also do On the Gogh where they take the van to vineyards, private estates and many different venues across Oregon.

    Best, Shez

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