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Where to eat in Banff: Grizzly House

This is by no means a review of the Grizzly House – but a mere enticing of photos of delicious food. If you are in need of some relaxing (and serious spoils) after a long day of hiking, sight seeing and exploring the beautiful little town of Banff, make sure that you have your table booked at the Grizzly House in Banff. But beware, this is by NO means a budget eatery. Be sure to save up for this before visiting.

Grizzly House

The fondue dinner is one of their specialities (and the reason we decided that this referral was worth checking out). It is a three course fondue delight, with different options for starters, mains and dessert). For the mains, you can choose between the traditional oil fondue, or the very enjoyable (for the eyes and the whole experience) hot stone. Also worth trying if you are in the North American vicinity (unaware of international availability), is the Velvet Devil Merlot from the Washington State – it is freaken delicious (and cost around $25-30 CAD per bottle).

Grizzly House If you did not follow the link above to immediately find the location closest to you that sells the Velvet Devil, above is a photo of what the bottle looks like! As you can see below, we started off with the four cheese fondue, some roasted garlic and bread!! So rich and sooooo delicious!! (but when it comes to cheese, I tend to go a little bit crazy!!). We followed that with the hot plate – served individually (each gets to choose his/her meat combo) with a variety of accompanying sauces. We ended our meal with a fruit and chocolate fondue!! As you can see, super delicious!!Grizzly House Grizzly House Grizzly House Grizzly House Grizzly House Grizzly House

Oh man, these photos make me want to go back there this instant!! It is such a relaxing atmosphere – and for the adventurous, you can also try some buffalo, elk and caribou. Bookmark this restaurant if you are planning a trip to Banff… And once there, take your time!!