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Main Bathroom Update

Our Main Bathroom Update was done probably about 18 months ago (I know… WAY overdue post!!). We are SO busy updating our house (and doing life), that sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it… and then, when I do get time, I’m so overwhelmed by the HUGE amount of things that I want to share, that I end up not doing it!!

Not today!!! Although this post is 18 months overdue, I am going to show you how much we have changed in this little part of our house!! So without further ado, I give you our main bathroom update!!

Just for funzees… here is the ever popular before photo! Pictured here is the previous owner’s setup!! But this is basically what it looked like until we started changing it!!Main bathroom updateYes, I am cringing as I am looking at this!! It is crazy to think how much this room has changed! Just have a look at the highlights!! We started with the floor… remember how I have mentioned that everything was white? We had this white linoleum (vinyl?) flooring throughout our main floor! (As of now, the only part left of this floor is on the stairs!! – I know, it is a slow process!) We also painted the cabinet white!! (This was around the time that I was painting our kitchen cabinets, which I haven’t showed you yet, because yes, I am that behind, and I have THAT much to share!)Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom updateAlready a great improvement!! 😀 The next part was that horrible tile, wood cabinet above the toilet, wood accessories and wood/mirror vanity!! It all had to go!!

Lucky for me, my husband has a hard time not bashing holes into our walls – which I won’t lie, sometimes speed up our renovating process somewhat!! On this particular day I came home to a hole where there once was tile!!

Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update

Once I completed the drywall and removed all the other uglies from the walls, the next part of this project was paint. Colour scheme was simple – grey and white! My biggest decision was whether I was going to paint the ceiling… As I was going to paint the top half dark grey, I was worried that it might be too dark with a dark ceiling. But I buried the fear (because it is just paint after all…), and I went for it!!

When we moved in, the whole house was white – but all the rooms were shades of white… and all different shades of white… some had a green tinge, others a pink tinge, some – you get the idea… I prefer untinted white! White white!! You can see the difference in the photo below!

Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update

The next step was the border and trim. I used a simple thin border for separating the white from the grey, and “filled in” the trim with peel-and-stick mosaic. I bought a couple of sheets which I cut into strips and just paste into place. We also bought a beautiful grey-on-white rose shower curtain from Ikea (oh how I love that place!) and mounted it onto a new shower curtain rod – the kind that bends outward and make the shower feel huge (similar to this one – although I can’t remember where we bought ours)!!

Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update

As you can see from the photo above – the next step was to update the counter top! Although we would love to upgrade this to a pretty stone-type top, the money just is not there for this type of an upgrade! Our ‘Plan B’ is to finish this with Ardex feather finish product, to give it a concrete look – this however takes a couple of days worth of dedication, which we did not have time for a the time (and have not found the time for this in the meantime…)

Instead, for our main bathroom update, we opted for ‘Plan C’ – spray paint! Yes, it seems unconventional, but for a fraction of the cost, we could temporarily update our countertop!! So we did it!! We used Rustoleum Forged Hammered  in Antique Pewter in silver. Afterwards I sealed it with a Minwax Polycrylic water-based sealer (which is pretty much my go-to sealer for just about anything, because: water based, and no discoloration).

Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update

Although it is not perfect, and not what we prefer, it turned out great. And as it has been 18 months since this upgrade, I can give you some feedback on how it is holding up! It doesn’t look quite as good as above. But we have been using this bathroom a LOT…. leaving soaps, razors toiletry bags etc. on it for long periods of time!! It definitely shows signs of wear… but really, I never expected it to last as long!! It is due for either a “re-spray” or a brand-spanking new countertop!! I vote for the latter…. however, for now, we’ll just leave it as it is!! (Too many other projects on the go!)

We (semi) finished the look of the main bathroom update with some new hardware and a few pretty touches to the wall!! Overall, I am still SUPER happy with my pretty bathroom!! We do have a couple of updates in mind for it though (read countertop, low flush toilet, tub with tile surround etc). For now though, it is a huge improvement (and I’m going to try to get a pretty mirror up there before too long to!)!! And we’re still pretty chuffed with this project!! Just for good measure, I’ll post the before shot again before I share the final look!! 🙂

Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update Main bathroom update

You likey?? Because I do!! 😀

Painting our Dining Room

Way back in February 2014, we started the process of changing our new house… One of the first things that we did, was paint our Dining Room area (today, we no longer use this as our dining room area).

I say dining room AREA, because technically we have no designated dining room. When we just moved into the house, up until about October of last year (2015), we used the upper room (which is basically an open area where the kitchen is – see the photos below), for our dining room. But since October-ish of last year, we have moved our dining table into another big unused space – more on this later.

First, here are a couple photos of the kitchen-dining room area when we just moved in… White floors, white walls, white doors – white everything!! … As always, excuse the mess!!

Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining

My, how things have changed!!! If I look at what it looks like now!! (Help, I have SO much to update on this part of the blog!) 🙂

So, one of the first things we did was paint our dining room area!! … Colour? The darkest Gray we could find!! 🙂 And we still love it!! Excuse the light in some of these photos… As you can see, we painted this area litterally in bits and pieces (I am a little embarrassed to mention that we still have not gotten to all the spots!!)

Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining Paint dining paint dining

It seems dark, but I should mention, that we have since installed half lites into our doors and replaced the yellow fan bulbs with daylight bulbs, changed our kitchen (completely) and upgraded the floors! It makes all the difference!! If you haven’t already, here is a glimpse into what this looks like today, and here!! (well, not really, but almost)!

The biggest change you can make to a room (on a budget), is paint. Paint, paint, paint!! Just do it – it is easy to change if you don’t like it!! 🙂

DIY Key Holder

Way back in 2013 one of my first little projects was making a key holder for our keys. I was inspired by the yarn art projects on pinterest and missing home something viciously… and so our key holder was born!!

When we moved into our current home a couple months later, naturally this guy moved with us. I was not completely satisfied with it in the sense that what was holding the keys in place was short little nails. Many times we found our keys on the floors, or requiring extra focus to hang them up – which resulted in keys being misplaced a couple of times…

Here is a before shot of the key holder – you can see how short those nails are that the keys are hanging on!! We were also over-crowding the five available spots… A few changes to be made! In the following shot you can also see where this little guy was hanging in relation to the doors  and walls etc.

DIY key holder

DIY key holderIf it was not for the updated entry wall, we would probably still be using (and struggling) with these few issues… But thankfully, the updated wall forced me into updating this key holder!!

DIY key holder

Without further ado, you can have a look at the steps I followed to fix the issues, and make this key holder fit into our brand new fancy wall!!!

Steps of updating our key holder:

  1. Removed the yarn and key holder nails
  2. Filled key holder nail spots with wood filler and sanded down entire surface
  3. Spray painted everything with a high gloss white spray paint
  4. Attached Everbuilt cup hooks for the new key holders (I couldn’t find silver anywhere, but decided it was no biggy since there would be keys attached to it most of the time!)
  5. Re-yarned the South Africa heart
  6. Placed onto wall

DIY key holder DIY key holder DIY key holder DIY key holder DIY key holder

What have you got lying around that needs an upgrade?

Foyer Progress #3

For now, the final part of the foyer update involves that big white wall that has been staring at me for the last 2.5 years!! If you missed part #1 & #2 of this update, follow the links below (opens in new window):

Read ‘Foyer Progress #1’ here.

Read ‘Foyer Progress #2’ here.

So this wall… In my mind this wall has changed so many times. For the longest time I wanted to make this a gallery wall. A wall for our travel photos – the first thing you will see when walking into our house (because who doesn’t like photos?). Then I started looking at some pretty stencils (and oh my word are there pretty stencils available!). But what put me off stencilling this wall was mostly the labour and time… Here is what we started with:

foyer update foyer update

foyer update foyer update foyer update

These walls have been bugging me for the longest time. I was just about to order a pretty (and pricey) stencil, when a Facebook add from Lowes caught my eye. The prettiest of wallpaper that I ever did see… So I head on over there to check it out. Yes, yes it was pretty. It was perfect. All the supplies cost me just under $90 CAD – this includes the wallpaper, wallpaper glue, scraper thingy, and the utility knife. Yes, this was what I wanted!!

I was nervous, but had read on SO MANY BLOGS that wallpaper these days are SO easy to work with. And they were right!! It turned out beautifully!! I am in heaven right now!! Here are the details – I chose this wallpaper:

Superfresco Easy Nottingham Wallpaper in White/Grey

I decided that this would become a statement wall. The wallpaper would do the talking!! So I painted that big wall above the stairs the same grey as the rest of the entry/dining/kitchen. This happened last night at 20h00 (that is 1 April 2016)(also, it seems I have a thing for painting at night!) ;). Hubby helped me with the really hard to reach places!! (Please do not comment or preach about safety!)

foyer update foyer update

And this morning started the wallpaper upgrade to this foyer! I was nervous!! Very nervous!! With my first plumb line drawn on the wall for guidance, I started painting the glue to the wall (this is/was “paste the wall” type wallpaper! So easy to use! See here my setup:

foyer update foyer update foyer update

The very first sheet too a while longer than the rest. But once I got the hang of it and came into a rhythm it went pretty fast! Here is the first installed sheet:

foyer update

I am not going to show you the in between steps. It is so basic, glue the wall, line the paper up, scrape out the bubbles, trim, repeat. And finally – Here is our finished statement foyer wall…

foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update foyer update

Small updates remain – like now we have to replace that hideous light fixture to something pretty and modern; we still have to paint the door leading in to the garage; some mirrors on the wall above the steps; and other small things!! Likely I will only post one more update on this space, and by the pace we are doing these upgrades, it will be next year this time!! Hahaha!

Foyer Progress #2

If you missed part one of the foyer update, you can follow this link (opens in a new window!). Update #2 for the foyer was a something small that made a huge difference – light. As you have probably noticed, our walls are very dark, and the only light coming into this part of the house is that little semi-circle in our front door!

Foyer update Foyer update

We had previously installed a Half Lite into our kitchen door and it made such a huge difference, that we decided to install the same Half Lite into our front door (WAY cheaper than installing a new door!). I tried finding the same one online, but it does not seem to be in their stock range anymore (but it might still be in store). We brought ours at Home Depot.

Foyer update Foyer update Foyer update

We did this upgrade end of October 2015 – Just in time for those long dark days!! Hahaha! It made a HUGE difference! We just loved how much light was/is coming through this part of the house right now!! So if you have been thinking of doing something like this – don’t be intimidated, it really is SO easy and only takes about 2 hours (very start to finish!).

Foyer update Foyer update Foyer update Foyer update Foyer update

Read ‘Foyer Progress #3‘ here.